Task Management App. Released 2012

Description: GoCenter for Gian Yi Depot –  an intranet project management application that bridges the communication between multiple departments that includes development, manufacturing, sales, management staff, and shipping/receiving. GoCenter is a source of analytics that simplifies the gathering of progress reports, troubleshooting, inventory, and sales strategy that are crucial to the success of a project.

My Role: Product Design Lead responsible from concept to implementation of the products agile development.  Approval with stakeholders, research and testing with users, deliverables for software engineers, and quality assurance were my priority responsibilities. I worked alongside 2 project managers and a junior designer.

The Challenge: Eliminate the use of email, excel sheets, and tedious progress forms that all departments depended on for communication.  Users have exhausted too much valuable time in communicating across various channels and organizing information that could have been easily automated. The primary goal of the tool was to reduce time spent on reports so staff can focus on efficiency and the quality of manufacturing. There was no program available in the market that could deliver the unique demands of the company and their complicated logistics.

Solution: Create a uniformed single tool to process reports, assign tasks, and combine all the favorite tools used by the company through an integration of their production equipment and third party software. Integration was made possible through the development of custom APIs to gather information that was already available in their equipment. Custom forms were also designed for the manual entry of individual progress reports and management to assign tasks to various departments.

Field studies through actual job training and empathy throughout the process allowed us to quickly absorb an overwhelming amount of information.

I made it a priority to identify each departments key roles and daily tasks before I committed to any designs so that I would be aligned with the user’s needs. I interviewed all the potential users about their frustrations and suggestions for improvements in their process. Personas was the key UX tool to identify who we were designing for and what we should build first.

Another valuable tool for me was using Invision Prototypes to understand the behaviors of our users and get faster approvals from stakeholders. Communicating the idea in a prototype also provided a story to our engineers that reduced friction in our development sprints.

ResultsWe designed a simple UI that provided valuable data to easily monitor resource allocation, department progress and follow task dependencies. They saved time on updates and standardize the process for better team productivity with our progress reports. Users have responded well to the applications features but required some time for learning the tools available. We provided on site training so that we can also learn which areas still needed improvement if users felt frustrated at any given task. Overall, the client has been satisfied with the results and we have gone through 3 updates since its release.

Data information provided in screenshots below have been modified for example purposes