Responsive e-commerce Magento website. Released Aug 2013

Loungefly has become a premiere contemporary accessory company with a wide selection of licensed accessories including Disney, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Paul Frank, Crowded Teeth, Peanuts, and more. Their website Loungefly.com is a collection of fashion handbags, small leather goods, accessories and t-shirts available for purchase.

My Role

I was the sole designer and developer tasked to redesign and build the website on a Magento Enterprise platform. I embedded a bootstrap framework within a customized theme for mobile responsive features. Creative research with user interviews, incentivized online surveys, and prototypes tremendously helped me discover design opportunities and validation of solutions.

The biggest challenge for me was the migration of the user and product database into a new platform. Mac terminal and mySQL is a complicated beast!

I managed everything from concept to completion and continued to provide support for 2 years after the launch. It’s amazing that the website continues to perform well today and uses the old design we implemented 5 years ago.

Visit the website: www.Loungefly.com

The Challenge

Complete redesign of an e-commerce website that is functional on multiple devices. Improve sales conversion and engagement with usability best practices and research.

Comparison Tool

Loungefly customers are conscientious of price and indecisive about purchases. Analytics have shown that users have been adding items into their wishlists for comparison to influence their purchasing decisions. Our users were resourceful enough to utilize sections of our site for other purposes.

We saw an opportunity to improve the experience for our loyal customers and conducted interviews to understand their behavior. As a result, we decided to develop a comparison tool to provide users with more visibility into their favorite items. The comparison tool can easily be opened on any page and expand to a table view of selected unlimited products. Cart conversion has dramatically improved after the implementation.

Quality Photography

One of the challenges of shopping online is that customers can’t touch your product, so they have to rely on your visuals.
High-quality product photos are essential to provide the customer with a detailed view of stitching, patterns, fabric, and design. This instills a sense of trust between the company and the customer that the product is worth its value. We used a mouseover or tap interaction to easily zoom in for details without leaving the product page.