Baskin Robbins

Mobile App. Released Nov 2016

Baskin-Robbins is an American chain of ice cream and cake specialty shop restaurants with over 2,500 locations in the United States. I helped their brand develop an app to offer customers unique rewards and increase restaurant engagement. Major updates coming soon Fall 2018!

My Role

I worked closely with Baskin Robbins® stakeholders and their branding agency to design the mobile app from concept to completion. I attended daily standups to align UX with engineering, and product teams to accomplish user story assignments. I prepared the UXUI research and digital assets for development within an agile environment. Our team included a talented global development team, 1 product owner, and 1 product manager.

The Challenge

Design and develop an app for Baskin Robbins® customers to redeem coupons, pay with their mobile rewards card, create celebration events, send gift cards, and browse updated item menus.

Defining the story

After gaining knowledge and insight on the business and user goals, I proposed a collaborative effort to develop user personas and stories to inspire sketches and wireframe designs. My first priority was to understand their behaviors and feelings, and in turn, reveal how this app would bring value and significance to people. Identifying user narratives allow us to focus on the user’s goals instead of the features. Observing Baskin Robbins® social media reviews, conducting interviews, engaging in purchases, and redeeming authentic coupons within the customer journey helped us define the story.

Unique use cases were meticulously thought out for a friendly user experience, including onboarding, password reset, redeeming a coupon, utilizing the store locator, and more. Front-end developers were involved early in the process of stories and wireframes to ensure that we did not commit to an incompatible design. Wireframe flows with detailed annotations established the overall narrative and bridged the user/business goals.

Making sense of it all

We performed usability tests of our design iterations with Invision prototypes and A/B testing on Our usability tests require careful planning because users need to arrive at their own conclusions about the experience. Producing user task scripts and documenting the results forced me to put on my writer hat. I loved that we always received our test results within 3 hours from release on!

Our next step was to organize the information and pages into cohesive patterns because various UX segments functionally intertwined with one another. We used Information Architecture and Card Sorting techniques to help users navigate the app, know where they are, know what they’ve found, know what’s around, and know what to expect on every page.


It is important to approach design problems with a goal-oriented product roadmap which aligns with business requirements. Features are derived from the user goals to add value to the user experience. Iterative designs are consistently validated by real users to reduce the risk of distraction from the primary goals. Empathy for users should be the guideline of members within design, engineering, and product during the process of ideation and experimentation.


You can get access to exclusive coupons and promotions right from the app! Any time there’s a special offer or flavor update, you’ll be the first to know about it! Simply present our coupon code in-app to any BR® staff.

Create Events!

Stay on top of Baskin Robbins® events as well as any events that you create and manage in the app. We’ll remind you about upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, play dates and any other excuses to celebrate!

Send a mobile gift card

You’re not the only one excited for ice cream! Feel free to send a gift card to anybody with a sweet tooth. Just choose a design and send the card digitally via email or text message to your friends to enjoy!

Browse the menu

Stay up to date with new flavors, seasonal treats, nutrition information and pink spoon ratings. The Baskin-Robbins® app lets you filter out any allergens that you or your family members may be allergic to.


Weekly coupon updates retained existing customers and incentivized purchases, therefore increasing revenue. Additionally, new users were drawn to downloading the mobile app for value-added coupons. Gift card features increased user engagement and brand awareness during holiday seasons and birthdays. Gift cards also created new touch points in the customer journey within digital use and restaurant visits.

The Baskin Robbins® mobile app has increased customer loyalty by providing users with an intuitive user experience that focuses on their benefits.

We successfully released the Baskin Robbins®app on deadline and continue to improve on releases today. Major updates coming soon Fall 2018! It was an incredible undertaking, and wouldn’t have been possible without inspired creativity and innovative collaboration from every member of the group.