Task Management App. Released 2014

GoCenter is an intranet project management tool for a furniture manufacturer. GoCenter bridges the communication between multiple departments which include product development, manufacturing, sales, and shipping/receiving. GoCenter is a source of analytics that simplifies the gathering of progress reports, troubleshooting, inventory, and sales strategy that are crucial to the success of a project.

My Role

Product Design Lead responsible from concept to implementation within an agile environment.  Approval with stakeholders, research and testing with users, deliverables for software engineers, and quality assurance were my primary responsibilities. I worked alongside 2 project managers and the client business developer.

The Challenge

Eliminate use of email, excel sheets, and tedious forms that decelerated company performance.  Users have exhausted too much valuable time communicating across various channels and organizing reports that could easily be automated. The primary goal of the tool was to reduce time spent on reports so staff can focus on product development. There was no program available in the market that could deliver the unique demands of the company and their complicated logistics.


Perform user research best practices with an iterative approach to accommodate remote developers within an agile environment. Implement advanced user testing analytics to influence the design of sophisticated tools used by all departments. Operate field studies by receiving actual job training of various job titles to understand user goals and inspect inefficiency in software already used.

Feedback from all potential users about daily tasks helped me create accurate customer journey flows and personas to identify who we were designing for and what we should build first. Prototypes were used to observe the behavior patterns of users and quickly validate ideas before we commit to engineering. Prototypes were essential to communicate the UX story and align the team on the direction of our product.


We built an intuitive project management application that provides valuable data to monitor resource allocation, department progress, and product development. Users have testified that approximately 2 hours of time spent on daily reports have been eliminated since the implementation of GoCenter. We provided on-site training for their transition and learned which areas of GoCenter needed improvement.  The last software update was released in June 2016. The client still continues to use the program today.